All deliveries and sticker assemblies are based on the general terms and conditions of business and delivery listed below. After an order has been received, the seller can withdraw from the contract within 10 days without giving reasons. Claims for compensation are excluded. Delivery dates specified by the buyer are not binding for the seller, unless the seller has given an express written confirmation of the delivery date requested by the buyer.
The execution of a delivery order issued by the seller does not include the declaration of acceptance of a delivery date specified by the buyer. The conclusion of firm deals always requires the express written confirmation of the seller.

Unless otherwise agreed, prices are from Prien.

Shipping is always at the expense and risk of the customer. Unless otherwise agreed, we can choose to ship by post, train, express or forwarding agency. Additional costs for express and express consignments are borne by the recipient.

Transport insurance
takes place only at the express request of the client and on his account.

The seller will ensure timely delivery. Force majeure, operational disruptions, disruptions and delays in delivery, in import processing as well as disruptions due to strikes and lockouts release him from the delivery obligation. Claims for damages due to late delivery are excluded, unless we are responsible for willful intent and gross negligence.

for the application or the special type of use of any of the products we sell will not be accepted by us under any circumstances. Such liability cannot be derived from any information leaflet, instructions for use or correspondence issued by us, or from customer service advice provided by us. Under no circumstances is the customer released from the obligation to check our products to determine whether they are suitable for the intended purpose.

Disclaimer of liability
of paraglider, hang-glider and balloon lettering The entrepreneur excludes any liability for damage (personal or property damage) that may arise from a possible change in flight behavior as a result of the lettering. The client undertakes to have the airworthiness of the aircraft checked after the labeling.

By placing the order, the customer has assured that he is entitled to the copyright or all rights of use covering the reproduction of the templates supplied or the reproductions commissioned by him. He holds GH Werbebeschriftungen Gerald Helbig free from all claims and reimburses all costs that arise because third parties assert a copyright or an exclusive right of use against GH Werbebeschriftungen Gerald Helbig.

must be reported prior to use or further processing within 10 days of arrival of the goods with precise details of the defect, otherwise the goods are deemed to have been accepted without objection. If the complaint is justified, the seller reserves the right to decide whether a price reduction or a free replacement delivery should be made by taking back the goods. In no case will the seller's liability exceed the cost of a replacement delivery equal to the purchase price of the defective goods. All injuries, losses or damage are excluded from liability, regardless of whether they are directly, indirectly or otherwise due to the delivery or use of the product. Before use, the buyer must check whether the products are suitable for the purpose for which they are intended. The seller cannot guarantee the suitability for certain purposes because he has no influence on the manufacture or use of the goods he has delivered. It also has no influence on the treatment of the finished products made with these goods. Returns can only be accepted after prior written agreement. The seller's obligation is limited to the services listed here. This obligation replaces all other legal or other guarantees or representations.

The first three deliveries are generally only made in advance. Regular customers are given a payment term of 14 days. In the event of default, default interest will be charged at least 2% above the discount rate of the Bundesbank. We only ask you to make payments to our company. A deterioration in the solvency of the purchaser entitles us to demand payment before the agreed payment date has expired and / or to withhold outstanding deliveries or to withdraw from the contract. The contractual payment deadlines are also to be observed if complaints are made.

Property right
We reserve the right to retain the goods delivered by us until the purchase price has been paid in full and all claims from ongoing business relationships have been made. The buyer is not entitled to pledge the goods or assign them as security. Attachments by other creditors must be reported to us immediately. The buyer is only entitled to resell in the ordinary course of business.

Contract changes
When the order is placed, our conditions are fully accepted. Deviations from the above conditions as well as the sales conditions prescribed by the customer require our express written confirmation to be valid.

The place of performance is Prien.

Place of jurisdiction
is always Rosenheim for both parties, provided the buyer is a registered trader.

Severability clause
Should one of the above conditions be wholly or partially ineffective, this does not result in the ineffectiveness of the remaining provisions.

Status 02-2021