skysticker ultralight

The extremely light material has been developed for competitions.


skysticker ultralight is at the moment the most lightly self-sticking ripstop fabric worldwide and has been developed for labeling in extreme competition and outdoor area.

Extremely light imprints for paraglider, hangglider, parachutes, kite, sail, balloon, advertising banners, flags, drag banners, conventions.
Not suitable for siliconized substrates such as e.g. Dominicotex 10D, 20D PS etc.

Basic material:
27g/sqm ripstop fabric made of 100 % nylon.

The processed acrylat glue is especially modified for extreme strain: it is a synthesis of high power glue value with an optimized temperature tolerance. The temperature range is between -40 °F up to +248 °F (short time also 320 °F).

The cover paper has a silicon finishing on both sides. Due to this feature, the backside will not stick to the cover paper in case the fabric accidentally folds over during the application.


The information on suitability reflects our experience. In any case, a suitability test must be carried out under the respective operating conditions. The information is not binding and does not constitute a guarantee. The weight information given relates to the ripstop fabric and does not include the adhesive.



schwarz UL010, rot UL030, flieder UL070, orange UL080, goldgelb UL095, limegrün UL125, mittelblau UL150, blau UL160


102 cm, 50 cm


1 m, 25 m

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skysticker ultralight

16,75 837,50 

The extremely light material has been developed for competitions.